NEW BOOK > Augmented Reality from scratch!

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Are you interested in Emerging and Interactive Technologies?

Are you looking to Build AR Augmented Reality applications for any domain with no prior experience needed?

This is your BOOK!

Enterprise Augmented Reality Projects

Build real-world, large-scale AR solutions for various industries

It’s very easy, and all is explained step by step!

What you will learn?

▶️ Understand the basics of Unity application development and C# scripting

▶️ Learn how to use Android Studio along with ARCore and Sceneform to build AR prototypes for Android devices

▶️ Enable AR experiences on the web with ARCore and WebAR

▶️ Explore emerging AR authoring tools such as AugmentedClass! for education

▶️ Understand the differences and similarities between handheld and head-mounted display (HMD) environments and how to build an app for each target

▶️ Become well versed in using Xcode with ARKit and SceneKit to develop AR portals for iOS devices

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